Are you thinking of the other thread, maybe?
-- In the Anagrams thread we change the most recent word by the "one letter add/subtract/change" Rool.
-- This "Mensopause" thread has us altering Anu's Word of the Day in that way, so your result and my result may end up different, but they start from the same raw material. Today's is "SPOOF". One change made SPOOF into SPOOR. A different change made SPOOF into SPOTOF.

And then occasionally we make a mistake, or flout the Roolz deliberately if it's too tempting to resist, or if we're desperate...Usually the outcome is an indulgent noticing, accompanied by a silent Ah, that's against the Roolz, and doing nothing, unless we're feeling Ho-ish like Winnie-the-Pooh (which is not uncommon), in which case we raise an objection.

Happens to the best of us, some more than others.

( s/ a not-so-infrequent offender, in both directions)

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