...but it's Saturday! I don't recall seeing an AWAD entry on the weekend in a dog's age, if ever. I guess the fact of seven HP books was stronger than the practice of five-days-makes-a-week.

(And welcome back, Jen, we've missed you.)


PRONUNCIATION: (HIG-uhl-dee PIG-uhl-dee)

MEANING: adverb: In a disordered or random manner.
adjective: Confused; jumbled.

ETYMOLOGY: Of unknown origin, perhaps referring to the herding of pigs. Earliest documented use: 1598.

[contrast "Jiggery-Pokery," noun, underhanded sabotage or mischief]

[Also the paradigm for a double-dactyl, a form of doggerel poetry with particular structural rules, and beyond the scope of this post]

WHIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY - a form of political satire, used by the Tories to cast their opponents in an unflattering light