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noun: 1. A reversible fabric with a pattern woven into it, used for table linen, upholstery, etc.
2. Short for damask rose.
3. The color of damask rose: grayish red or pink.
4. Short for damask steel.
5. Wavy markings on such steel.
adjective: 1. Made of or resembling damask.
2. Having the color of damask rose.
verb tr.: 1. To decorate or weave with richly-figured designs.
2. To inlay a metal object with gold or silver patterns; to gild.

From Damascus, where this fabric was first produced. Earliest documented use: 1325.


(Is he being syrious?)


DAMARK - 1. Fabric with a stain on both sides that no one can touch, giving rise to the phrase "being wide of Damark"
2. Copenhagen and environs, when the sun is shining