PRONUNCIATION: (kam-puh-NOL-uh-jee)
noun: The art or study of bell-ringing or making bells.

From Latin campana (bell). From the Campania region in Italy, known for the bronze that was used to cast bells. Earliest documented use: 1847.
The term bell-ringing is preferred over campanology by people involved in it. In general, those in the know go with simpler terms. For example, caving over spelunking, coding over developing software, and so on. At any rate, here's an introductory video on campanology/bell-ringing that has managed to stuff as many puns as are legally permitted in a five-minute video. Did they miss any? Chime in.

CAMPANOOGY (kam-puh-noo-gee ) - a place on the Tennessee River where they later built the City of Chattanooga.