PRONUNCIATION: (yahr or yayr)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Easily maneuverable; nimble. 2. Ready; prepared.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old English gearo/gearu (ready). Earliest documented use: 888.

USAGE: "I do desire to learn, sir; and, I hope, if you have occasion to use me for your own turn, you shall find me yare."
William Shakespeare; Measure For Measure; 1604.

"She was a 'bonnie lass' in the words of her chief engineer; she was faithful, she was yare -- an unlikely compliment for a vessel without sails."
D.C. Riechel; German Departures; iUniverse; 2009.

Never confuse motion with action. -Benjamin Franklin, statesman, author, and inventor (1706-1790)


NARE : lumbering; unprepared; obstinate; unresponsive; in short, the opposite of YARE