noun: Scrap glass suitable for remelting.
From French collet, diminutive of col (neck), from Latin collum (neck), apparently referring to a bottle's neck. Earliest documented use: 1817.

PULLET - A Christmas Story: My Gramdma Grider loved her chickens. She would sing to them everyday and when feeding them she would call each by name and they would come. One Saturday me and my cousin heard her calling to the chickens so we looked out the back window to watch. Grandma had two pullets by the neck, one in each hand.
Deftly, almost inperceptually, she gave her hands a slight twist and the chickens were dead.
The next day when Grandma called us to Sunday dinner we came imediatelly wearing our best manners. We wondered what were the names of the chickens we were eating but were too afraid to ask.