noun: A person who indulges in idle daydreaming or leads a life of luxurious ease, instead of dealing with practical matters.
From the lotus-eaters, people in Homer's Odyssey, who ate the lotus fruit that supposedly induced a dreamy forgetfulness. Earliest documented use: 1832.

LOCUS-EATERS - are hungry and avid readers of R A Lafferty's eclectic writings that Locus SF Magazine (the copyright owners of all of Lafferty's many books) has greedily witheld publication for three years in order to assuage an already eager market.
Since R A Lafferty was and is the most important writer of the 20th Century this is a most reprehensible act.
A spokeman for Locus has said that they will begin releasing Lafferty's short stories this month.

We shall see. mad