PRONUNCIATION: (verb: AS-puh-rayt, noun: AS-puhr-it)

verb tr.:
1. To pronounce a sound with an exhalation of breath.
2. To pronounce the h sound at the beginning of a word as (hwich) for which.
3. To inhale something (such as a fluid) into the lungs, as after throwing up.
4. To draw a fluid from a body cavity by suction.
(Don't you 5. aspirate a hot rod engine, too? Or at least a carburetor?)
1. The sound represented by h.
2. A speech sound followed by an audible puff of breath.
3. The matter removed from a body cavity by suction.

From Latin aspirare (to breathe, blow). Earliest documented use: 1669.


1. I'm an electric current and I'm angry !
2. Aargh, Matey, my name is Blackbeard, and you'd better believe it!