(for 1: uh-FER-i-sis, for 2: af-uh-REE-sis)

1. The loss of one or more sounds or letters from the beginning of a word. For example, the change in pronunciation of knife from (k-nyf) to (nyf) or the formation of till from until.
2. A method in which blood is drawn from a donor, one or more blood components (such as plasma, platelets, or white blood cells) are removed, and the rest is returned to the donor by transfusion.

From Latin aphaeresis, from Greek aphairesis (taking away), from aphairein (to take away), from apo- (away) + hairein (to take). Earliest documented use: 1550.

[My favorite example of this is "eleŽmosynary" --> --> alms]

APTERESIS - The process of being turned into a wingless bird with hairy feathers, and then returned to the zoo (or at least to the B.C. comic strip)


(too obvious? )