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And of course you are right, Cordelia. But that aside I do pledge to pull an honest answer from your stubborn tongue if need be, so tell me now, Cordelia; from whence comes your morality, as corrupt as it might be? smile
What is the word for provocation? Oh yes! 'provocation'.

Though this topic started as a question in general and not as a personal inquiry I don't mind to give an answer:
Good adults taught me to care
Five siblings taught me to share

Virtues connected to morality (trial and error), faith hope love, courage moderation wisdom, the feeling of justice, (trial and error). Morality does not come from just one source. But basically: love, observation and admiration of creation.

To end this intermission I can give you the asked for writer for free: R.A. Lafferty

See, BranShe, that is what I would have said if I could order my thoughts and use the English language as well as you.

And of course, I, as well as you, read R.A.Lafferty. smile