Apparently we do need stinkin' rules but I hope you and Anu won't censure thoughts here that you and Anu find to be politically incorrect, for example; any comment about Global Warming. First things first--I'd bet everything I have that Anu won't censure anything; and the only time I have (other than deleting spam) was way back when I first became Admin and had no idea of what I was supposed to do (not that I'm all that wonderful now, mind you). And I was made to see the error of my ways in short order, I can tell you. I won't say that I never will, because there may be some circumstance in the future that could warrant it; but it would have to be an extreme situation.

You referred to Global Warming; I'm going to guess that there has been some discussion that I have not read yet, and for my purposes right now the details don't matter. My point in my opening post was that we try to respect each other here. FTR I don't know why this topic would come up on a language discussion board, but 'twould be far from the first time that "side items" have shown up!

Re: your and Faldage's back and forth in this thread--there have been many times in the history of AWADtalk that members have agreed to disagree. You asked him, if I got this right, to say what sources he considers authoritative, which is a fair question. That tells me that it's possible that you have different sources of authority, and that is fine--everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I heard a man on television tell his children that people who believe in evolution are mistaken; I happen to disagree with that but I have to allow him his belief. And, I posted on another place a study done by Harvard Medical School that disproved a popular (among some people) politicized view; frankly I think that people ought to believe that Harvard is a trustworthy source, but if they don't, I have to say they're entitled to that belief.

I would just request that if anyone feels they may have been insulted, please ask for clarification--it is all too easy to misinterpret things on the 'net; and again, to show respect for others' choices. Thanks, all.