Can anyone shed any light on this word?

Google yielded:

1. Liber Jobi - Volume 1 - Page 488 - Google Books Result
Albert Schultens - 1737

Gordatius Vava▀. & Cedur c. ex Нс'огло fonte agnofeant , Et movi▀imus fu- per terra ▀abit, de Ultimo Judicia agi tÝ mu! agnofeentes, & quidem per tdium Dei, ve- ...

2. Commentaria physica, sive expositio aliquot locorum Pentateuchi ... - Page 164 - Google Books Result
Jos De Mey - 1651

Gordatius tertequam Auguftus , de quo idem Suetonius refert, eura fi mane ei. "calceusperperam ас finifter pro dextro induceretur , ut dirum & ferale fXV. t Ýd ...

and a friend suggested a corruption of cordatus (Latin: wise or adverbial form: more wisely)

I am doing research about a man whose given names are either Nun Gordatius or Nowen Godratius. Google search of Godratius yield only books he authored - I supposed he knew how to spell his own name! Nevertheless the Godratius persists in other records, notably those of the Lutheran mission society with which he was aligned. His father was mission-educated, devout and a teacher - so if I can connect Gordatius to a Christian scholar or something, or Latin meaning, it might be convincing. I have no Latin, so I'm stuck.