Hoshour evidently had it on good authority that old-style preachers actually talked this way:

the worthless word for the day is: humicubation

[fr. L. humi, on the ground + cubare, to lie down]
/hyu mik yoo BAY shun/ obs., rare
lying on the ground, especially in penitence or humiliation

"Fasting and sackcloth, and ashes, and tears, and
humicubations, used to be companions of Repentance."
- Bp. John Bramhall, Hobbes' Animadversions (1658)

"He is afraid, that 'this doctrine' of fasting, and
mourning, and tears, and humicubation, and sackcloth,
and ashes, 'pertaineth to the establishment of Romish
- Bp. Bramhall, ibid.

"I had to submit to humicubations in abatures during
my pernoctations..."
- S. K. Hoshour, Letters to Squire Pedant (1856)