I have been asked to remind folks that this is not the place to discuss religion, politics, or sports.
For a while, in earlier times, there'd be the occasional good-natured back and forth between a certain couple of Ozzies and Kiwis re: the merits of particular football or cricket teams--amusing to them but not very interesting to those of us who either weren't familiar with the teams and/or were not interested in sports. And of course, the other two topics are well known to be likely to cause offense and controversy.

Pretty much from the beginning, we have had a policy of making conscious effort to show mutual respect and to avoid creating ill will. Statements--about anything--that say or even imply "I'm right and if you disagree there's something wrong with you" do not indicate respect; and even "I'm right in this" or "I believe this", if repeated and repeated, can seem more like an invitation to argue than a simple statement of belief, which we all should feel free to express as long as we do it without simultaneously implying insult.

Thanks, y'all--I know everybody here is a nice person; and I appreciate seeing that.