chartreuse PRONUNCIATION:(shahr-TROOZ, -TROOS)

MEANING: noun: 1. A light, yellowish green. 2. An aromatic, usually yellow or green liqueur, originally made by Carthusian monks in Grenoble, France.
adjective: Having a light, yellowish green color.

ETYMOLOGY: From mountain to monastery to drink to color -- that's the circuitous route for this word's origin. La Grande Chartreuse, a monastery got its name after the Chartreuse Mountains. The liqueur got its name because it was first made by the monks in the monastery. Finally, the color got its name from the liqueur. Earliest documented use: 1806.
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CHARTREUSED - screwed, blued, and sans chartreused

(what the Carthusian monks were when the French government threw them out of France in 1903)