I am really fed up with these ill-educated thin-skinned people of self-presumed entitlement whining about language use which has been traditionally acceptable (both socially and academically) until their own recent burst into the scene with all their demands to be treated as 'equally part of' yet at the same time being seen as being 'different'.
They betray themselves as ignorant.
I think the choice and selection of last week's words--including the theme--was well chosen and well presented by those who obviously have more educational qualifications than do their detractors.
People! When you make such a fuss displaying such nouveau ignorance you only display your Lilliputian Yahoo-ism.
I am loathe to appear niggardly, especially as I do understand the issue to be a tar baby--but it is very queer indeed. These complainers imagine themselves to be cockshies ["me ! me ! me !"] but surely 'cocksure' is more apt.
(and I suppose we should all cease reading Fairy Tales to our grandchildren ??)