Hilarious attempts at 'political correctness' (a phrase so poisonous and poisoned that it must always be used in quotes now, somewhat like holding an odious and stinking object at arm's length) in these posts, as well as some sensible remarks. 'something-American' has long since passed ludicrousness and made it to truly 'offensive'--not only are most 'African-Americans' not from Africa, my god, what if you err and call a 'JAMAICAN-American' an 'African-American'!?!?! I myself am NOT Caucasian-American, thank you very much, though my skin is 'white'(for lack of a better term) in comparison with skin which is 'black' (also for lack of a better term.) I am gay and have an intimate black friend with whom I had a funny conversation on this subject: Helen said to me 'Honey, I am sure you realize that there are blacks and then there are NIGGERS.....' to which I replied 'Dear, I am sure you realize that there are gays and then there are FAGGOTS.....!' When we finished roaring, Helen said 'and only the group it applies to is EVER allowed to use the term, yes?' We both agreed that among blacks, or gays, or any other 'group,' the most derogatory slurs are used regularly and gleefully--indeed, sometimes constantly--and no one is about to try to censor this. Ergo, the ever-increasing asininity and attempted bowdlerization of public non-discourse is the *ultimate* insult. I was delighted to read a post or two which said that people wear not chips but woodblocks on their shoulders now, SEEKING to be 'offended'--it is part of the utter decline of manners, social skills, and intelligence which has become the story of this country.

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