our love of words and language is meaningless if we don't speak out against those who would censor our words to advance their own political agendas.

I see things differently. The PC crowd and the anti-PC crowd are both trying to control how language is used. Both have their own political agendas which they are servicing. That aside, one can do things with language, e.g., lie, swear, incite, pacify, hurt, humor, philosophize, etc. Nobody likes being told how to speak or how to behave or how to act, but we are social creatures and we live in this world with others. I don't care how un-PC somebody is, if you use language against them (even having the temerity to tell them how to speak in your presence) they will no doubt get upset, and who am I to say with this is rightly so or even true? We pretty much eschew discussions of politics and religion (to choose just two of the major taboo topics), and our forum is the better for it. Every now and then somebody sneaks something through (in the Name of Liberty, Justice, Ethical Behavior, etc.), and we all suffer it and suffer by it.

Ceci n'est pas un seing.