Greetings, yes indeed Tom, I remember the song and video well. It's unfortunate that the link posted in AWAD for Paul Hardcastle's '19' has to point to one of the many newer versions/mixes of the video.

The original is unsurpassed and is a much more impactful and to the point video. (Sorry, I have no link to give as it is apparently no longer available thanks to EMI's as I can tell anyway).

The "nuh-nuh-nuh-nineteen" is certainly earconic to the song but so is the uttered phrase "I wasn't really sure what was going on..." and it's the more telling.

Average age aside and 40 years beyond "'Nam" war has not gotten an iota better for any involved....hmm, maybe UAV pilots? I suppose most of them sleep okay at night...or then again maybe not :-\

Unrelated to the focus of this week's AWAD on the number 19, I actually watched the 1985 video within the past week (I long ago snagged my own copy before EMI protested to whoever and shut it down :-p ).

Deh, deh, deh,, deh, deh, DESTRUCTION! / Suh, suh, suh, Saigon / Vietnam / Suh, suh, suh, Saigon / Vietnam / Suh, suh, suh, Saigon / Nuh, nuh, nuh....

TR Hanlon / qwuh, qwuh, qwuh, qwerrk