Damned wench! Does not the gorgon know that you are an AWAD award-winning limerickist? Make that gorgon beech cite the rule for the spoken use of "thee" or "thuh" for the written "the".

As for me here is a song by Rice Miller I use as a mnemonic...*

There was an animal called the goat, he butted his way on the Supreme Court
"Let him go, please, please, let him go"
'cause he worked so hard you can't use him in yo' court no mo'
Judge give him five hours to get out of town, he got five miles down the road and committed another crime
That's when the high sheriff happened to be caming along, and caught the billy goat eating up the old farmer's corn
High sheriff takes the billy goat to the county jail, but the desk sergeant said "I'll go his bail"
Let him go.

* thee thuh