So like science let's start in the middle (after the unknown something has already banged) and build a Universe around the last Big Bang*. Here Science is in its realm. Observation and computation and sometimes thinking are the prime investigating tools of their trade. But (like language) the tools they use give them fuzzy outlines. We will return to this later.

These are exciting times for xplanet astrometry. As of last month 26 planets have been found circling other stars. New xplanets are being found almost daily but so far no one xplanet has been seen, rather, they have been inferred by the gravitation wobble they cause as they circle their Sun. So far about one in six stars are found to have a planet. To extrapolate there are probably 26,000,000,000,000 planets in this Universe.

*Of coure, we don't know how many times our Universe has exploded and contracted or how many Universes if any, are beyond our own.

Note: I have to chop up my points here on AWAD because there is a limit to what you can see as you write.