If I've understood correctly (and I'm not sure I have), we're looking at two different issues here. I think, Avy, that your objection is not to limericks, but to maliciousness, venom, personal attacks, and I have no argument with you there. Bran, I'm not sure if your objection is to having a steady diet of limericks in this particular thread, or having them anywhere in the forum. Several of us, at least, thoroughly enjoy what we perceive as an invigorating challenge, and find the sharing of (perhaps alleged) wit stimulating. We can separate the threads, if you like, but I certainly have no desire to stop sharing limericks, nor do I object to anyone using any other form, whether sentence or sonnet, to keep Sparteye's Game alive and lively. Please set me straight if I'm off course here, PM if you prefer.