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Terrific, Wofa! I really enjoyed that!
The best line "my chakram's rather yonical."

Edit: Do I dare say that I can guess who wrote it? In fact the above line gave it away. These women writers, "useless, really!"

Actually his byline is right after the title at the head of the page. If you Google Kevin Wald you'll find him at the top of the list, the fella with the beard. He's an extraordinariy clever fellow at once down-to-earth and full of esoterica, and he writes puzzles replete with Classical allusions. Here he was writing in the Xena persona, hence the Chakram yonical.

He's also a prominent member of the National Puzzlers' League (see puzzlers.org), where his nom is Ucaiomhu, which is pronounced "Kevin W". If you saw Wordplay, the movie about the crossword-puzzle tournament, you saw him walk across a crowd scene, beard and all, at about Minute 47.

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