I'm used to the name Shoshannah now and really love it!... Shoshannah is the most
beautiful flower in the all the earth,

I've long liked both the Hebrew and the English rendering of your name! Shakespeare, In Romeo and Juliet, mentioned it in Romeo's line, "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But another name would not sound as sweet! And Saint-Exupery, in The Little Prince, made one special rose the most important in the universe.

As for my own name, Geoffrey (from French Godefois, from German Godfrey; God's peace) Sanders (akin to Alexander), I can say that Americans have made mincemeat out of it! They are convinced that my name is not pronounced the same as "Jeffrey," and call me many things, some of which I dare not repeat! The funniest was "Geeky." That was twenty years ago; today, geeks are in vogue, so maybe that malaprop was just ahead of its time. Even Sanders gets a "u" stuck in it half the time. As G.B. Shaw said, our two countries are separated by a common language!