Part of the difficulty in answering your question lies in the way the situation is framed:

"(a) one notices something apparently surprising or noteworthy;
(b) this turns out to be due to a "misconception;"

Example one, however, illustrates a "misperception" rather than a "misconception," not to put too fine a point on it. You perceived something with your senses (eyesight) without giving it substantial thought, then on second look realized your misperception. Your perception never rose to the level of conception. For a discussion of the difference
in the two words see (

In the second look you perceived, then perceived again. This is "reperception," a word found in the dictionary. Still, the situation reminds me very much of "pentimento" in art, and the title of Lillian Hellman's biography.

In example two you described a "misunderstanding" of the facts rather than a "misperception" or "misconception." I would say the example illustrates a "corrected misunderstanding."

In example three, you depicted a pure coincidence, one event (the dream) having no
relation to the reality it coincidentally describes. To coin a word, how about "coincidream" or "dreamincidence?"

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