I wonder if there is a name for a situation where:

(a) one notices something apparently surprising or noteworthy;
(b) this turns out to be due to a misconception;
(c) the surprising/noteworthy thing then turns out to be true after all.

For example:

I open my curtains and see what appears to be snow on the grass. Then I notice that what I have seen is actually a large white board. I then look beyond it and discover that there is indeed a covering of snow on the grass.


I assume from a newspaper report that a friend of mine has died. I then discover that it is someone else of the same name, but very soon afterwards I learn that my friend has died about the same time.


An event in my dream happens in reality while I am dreaming (and is not a cause of my dream).

These are coincidences, but of a special kind. Is there a concise expression that describes such occurrences?