A wofahulicodoc (4)
GIGIL - (DJI-g'l) . The indigenous name of a tropical tree whose sap thickens
into a malleable mass called by Europeans "chicle," later made into rubber. Rhubarb Commando

B bexter (3)
Gigil - a specific sub section of sigillography in which seals were given to animals,
for example war horses, who performed greatly at their given task. Avy

C Rhubarb Commando
GIGIL: n. A deep hole or ravine which acts as a natural reservoir for rain water. belMarduk

D jenny jenny (5)
GIGIL :text talk acronym for "Great Idea, Girl I Love" (used frequently)
or "Great Idea, Guy I love"(used rarely). Jackie; wofahulicodoc

E Jackie (1)
Gigil n. The rate of errors per thousand attempts to open web sites.

F LukeJavin8 (1)
Gigil - half or partial giggle.....as when you try to laugh at a dentist's joke as he works in your open mouth.

G BranShea (3)
Gigil n. glottal hissing sound of the green iguanas (iguana iguana) when under threat. bexter

H olly (8)
Gigil: An application that guards search engines from unwelcome DNS attacks. BranShea

I wofahulicodoc (4)
GIGIL [zhee-ZHEEL] - Parisian slang for a putatively innocent pre-teen girl; the inspiration for "Gigi" in the play of that name

J tsuwm (5)
Gigil a flowering plant of the genus Lilium. tsuwn; jenny jenny

K Faldage (5)
Gigil A fine-tipped awl used in making scrimshaw. Owlbow; LukeJavan8

L Candy (3)
gigil [gheegle] verb (used with object) the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute. olly

M Owlbow (3)
Gigil The ring attached to the upper block of a block and tackle. Faldage

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