Wow! This combines two threads into one - Marmalade and 'The Cat Who Walked by Himself' (Kipling, 'Just So Stories'), and 'marmoreal'.

Who could deny that this fabulous creature is beautifully 'marbled'?

Despite zmjezhd's doubtless erudite confidence that there is no cognate connection between marmoreal and marmalade, I still find myself wondering...
This is despite evidence from dictionaries, which are compiled by fallible humans, I suspect sometimes following their own private agendas, and indeed are out of date by the time they are published. I am not always convinced by the 'facts' they present.


P.S. For interest, as you are clearly 'a cat person', I thought I would share a wonderfully fearsome image of a cat called Azzie who owned us many years ago. Definitely not marmalade, but so full of feline haughtiness that she later divorced us for taking in another moggy, to her very great annoyance and disgust. Sadly this image is from a scan of an old photo, so it doesn't really do her memory justice - I've had to 'photoshop' it to make it presentable. I hope the image link works.

P.P.S. For zmjezhd, if you read this. I must ask you to forgive me for my irreverent provocations - being a scientist by training and conviction I love to 'push the envelope', even when sometimes I realise it can cause disquiet. In truth I do try not to ignore facts, and am often persuaded by them, providing that they can be proven, and shown to be irrefutable.

"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" - 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter'.
Dante (Durante degli) Alighieri, "La Divina Commedia", "Inferno", c 1308-1321