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And to bring you even further up to date, it ain't a chalkboard he's using (I've not seen one of those in the past ten years - worse luck!) it's a 'whiteboard', which is a plastic-ish surface that will take dry marker pens, the markings of which rub off the board with a duster. Much the same as a chalk board, really, except they cost twice as much, the markers cost five times more than chalk*, and last for one tenth of the time. This is PROGRESS! Stand in it'sway at your peril.

(Also, you throw a marker pen at a recalcitrant student - and you find you're before the beak on an assault charge!)


edit* By which I mean, 1 marker pen costs five times as much as A PACKET of chalk and lasts one tenth of the time of ONE PIECE of chalk!

Yup, we had them when I was teaching: "dry erase boards".

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