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haha well Luke...2 horses, 3 cats, numerous chickens, and we've just hatched some chicks so it's all very hectic at home...one of the cats has been very ill repeatedly over the last few months because he keeps eating far too much and then getting a sort of cat version of gastroenteritis we think...one of the horses has sweet itch, so he's allergic to fly bites and gets very itchy and sore, so he's in a brand new electric fence field with a clever Boett rug on to stop him getting bitten, but it needs sorting out everyday because he rolls and rips it and other infuriating things!...so it's all a bit time consuming in the mornings and evenings, although the chicks are very cute...little Appenzeller Spitzhaubens, Gold Spangled variety... Appenzeller Society crazy little things...but at the moment I am not at home, I am in Sweden, supposedly working, and some relatives are looking after them all, and getting paid in white, brown and green eggs for their trouble!
Wow that went on for a bit! Sorry!

----The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is false----