Um. Yes. Well, I did say I had constructed it!

The ilium is a bone, part of the pelvis. (The "ischium" is another part of the pelvis. It's pronounced "ISS-key-um." It has nothing at all to do with the present discussion except that it's right next door to the ilium. Neither one has anything to do with the Topless Towers or the face that launched a thousand ships.))

An "-otomy" is a hole in something. Like a craniotomy, made in the head to relieve excess pressure from the brain.

So an "iliotomy" would be a hole in the pelvic bone, which is exactly what sometimes was is made with a big sharp needle for the purpose of extracting a sample of bone marrow from the iliac crest, for diagnostic study.

Confusion can sometimes arise because there is also the ileum, which is the second portion of the small intestine, the first being the duodenum. This gives rise to "ileotomy" and "ileostomy," which are real words. (An "-ostomy" is a permanent opening in something, from "stoma," which means "mouth.")

Thus giving us to two possible continuations from here:

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(I knew anatomy class would be useful for something eventually...)