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...as a historian (Ret'd) I have to protest that I am mystified as to exactly who we are talking about! There are a few choices:-
1] Henry II and Thomas a' Becket of Canterbury (he was the "turbulent priest" that Henry wanted rid of.)

2]Richard III and the two young Princes , murdered in the Tower of London (supposedly) - which is the plot of Tey's excellent book, Daughter of Time

3] Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More, whom Good King Hal had beheaded for not agreeing to support the Divorce between himself and Catherine of Arragon.

There we have a slice of English history, covering just over two centuries - a very colourful and turbulent period, indeed, although not the period in which I specialise (I'm a late C18/C19 Social Historian by trade.)...

A final word:

Richard III, and the horrendous actions attributed to him, is the core of Tey's Daughter of Time.

Thomas More, referred to in the book (somewhat sardonically) as "the Sainted Thomas," wrote a history of those times widely considered authoritative, though he lived two generations later.

Referring to Thomas More as the "meddlesome priest," when that title more properly inheres to Thomas à Becket, is my error, pure and simple.

Moral: Don't accept everything you read as Gospel. Even if it comes from a Saint. Or me. Or even Snopes.com. (But that's another story...)