I just read this sher (couplet) on twitter and would like to post it here.

"Jis din se tum roothe mujhse roothe roothe hain,
Chaadar-vaadar, takiye-vakiye, bistar-vistar sab."
Translation keeping cuteness of the sher intact is tough, but here goes:
"Since the day you stopped speaking to me all of these also stopped speaking:
All the sheets-veets, the pillows-villows, the mattresses-vatresses."
- sher attributed to rahat indori/dost
PS: sorry for the mediocre translation. I could not translate "roothe roothe mujhse hain" which is reduplication to denote extent and quantity. In english "upset upset" is not proper usage. smile Pillows-villows works as tranlsation because even in Urdu/Hindi it is scatological.

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