This is a great rhyme, wofa, and I appreciate your skill in apllying it to jj's teaser. However, as a historian (Ret'd) I have to protest that I am mystified as to exactly who we are talking about! There are a few choices:-
1] Henry II and Thomas a' Becket of Canterbury (he was the "turbulent priest" that Henry wanted rid of.)

2]Richard III and the two young Princes , murdered in the Tower of London (supposedly) - which is the plot of Tey's excellent book, Daughter of Time

3] Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More, whom Good King Hal had beheaded for not agreeing to support the Divorce between himself and Catherine of Arragon.

There we have a slice of English history, covering just over two centuries - a very colourful and turbulent period, indeed, although not the period in which I specialise (I'm a late C18/C19 Social Historian by trade.)

jj asked "How many martyrs do you have over there, anyway?" The answer is, "More than you can conveniently shake a stick at." Whilst I was very aware that she wasn't referring to Donne (who wasn't a marytr at all) and did wonder it whe meant More, I must admit that I didn't really know - as all good historians excuse theselves, "It isn't my period!" I did wonder if it could have been one of the Oxford Martyrs, Latimer, Cranmer or Ridley: but Sir Thomas did seem the likeliest candidate.

Thanks, jj, anyway, for starting up a very interssting sideline!

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