The time I spent pond'ring "reflection" and "reface" -
There must be a way to work in the word "preface"
...Or maybe Bette Midler
...No, think of a fiddler:
The violin player we call Jascha Heface!

(Actually, I know a guy with that last name who actually pronounces it this way. Although he spells it "Heafitz" instead.)

Old musician's joke:
Overheard at Jascha Heifitz' debut - at age 16 - in a very hot and very-much-un-air-conditioned Carnegie Hall, 1917:
-- violinist Mischa Elman, mopping his brow: "Hot in here, isn't it?"
-- Artur Rubinstein: "Not for pianists!"

(It might even be not true. Many Most versions attribute it to the pianist Leopold Godowski. I've even seen one with Josef Hofmann. But it's more self-explanatory with Rubinstein...)

And where, you say, is "reflection" in all this? Why of course, that's the time I spent pondering.