I have read that Siamese cats in temples would attack intruders. Did any of yours display this behaviour?
And if so, how did they treat cat burglars?

You asked for it.

Red, my breeding tom, was a pet first and foremost so we didn't keep him in a cage the way battery breeders do. So, when there was nothing doing at home, like most toms he went to find his own fun. The outcome was that most of the kittens in the neighbourhood were relatives of our kittens. The long ears, Siamese wail and blue eyes were something of a giveaway!

Most of the locals knew Red and knew we owned him. When he was out on vigil singing on fences, he sounded so sad, hungry and downright forlorn that the people whose tabbies he was trying to seduce took pity on him and fed him. I will always treasure the phone calls I received (at different times) from near-neighbours, asking whether there was anything they should or shouldn't feed him ...

We bred for temperament rather than for show-winning physical excellence. While our breeding pair both had pedigrees as long as your arm we sold our cats without papers to good homes quite cheaply. We're still in touch with several of the people who bought them. They've all been long-lived, healthy cats who dote on people.

The idiot also known as Capfka ...