I apologize.
And I thank you for trying to make life easier.
The only way I learn is from others helping out. When I
first asked how to notify of a spammer, I was told by someone
to use the "contact us" link at the top. That is what I've
done. And I've received messages back from Anu saying the
spammer was deleted along with the spam postings.
I don't know what the "notify"link in the post editor is, I am sorry and not trying to be difficult
or cut of dialog. I just get frustrated when I don't understand.
It is my fault, I know. Someone had posted that they were
very frustrated with continual discussion about the spammer
long after the spammer was deleted. It was that which I was
trying to find to quote and send to you, but I could not find
it. It was difficult enough, they said, with the spammer there
and they appreciated the notification of the spam to Anu, but
couldn't the rest of us just stop with that. I cannot, however,
find that thread nor the posting.
Please forgive me for 'cutting you off' in your attempts to
converse with me, it was not my intention to upset you.

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