Well, whaddaya know? Pigs can fly, after all!

From the AP wire service, September 3, 2011:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pig flies — to new home in NY

A pig flew — from Florida to New York on Pet Airways.

Newsday reports that a miniature potbellied pig named Bosley arrived at Republic Airport on Long Island Thursday to join his new adoptive family in Sag Harbor.

The 49-pound porker is the first pig for the Florida-based Pet Airways, which specializes in flying animals.

Airline cofounder Alysa Binder says it’s “exciting and so fun” that pigs can fly now.

Bosley was originally adopted as a piglet by a Florida family from a local pet shop, but grew too large for his home.

His new family in Sag Harbor prefers to remain anonymous.

Newsday says Bosley appeared content when he deplaned at Republic and didn’t need to wait for his stomach to settle before he started eating.