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Why has no one completed the rhyme?

No imagination, that's why.

Consider, for example:

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who would do anything for a ducat.

... He put lead in a mold
... Which he turned into gold
Because of the lightning that struck it.

It's grey, that's what it is. But not funny. And it scans, and it rhymes, and who cares? No cleverness, no double meanings, no unexpected wordplay, nothing interesting in structure or content, nothing ribald even, goes over like your proverbial gold balloon (once it's been struck by lightning, anyway).

Maybe this isn't the best medium for a limerick; one-line-at-a-time makes it very hard to set up a punchline that pervades the whole oeuvre.


Thoughts, anybody?

Or maybe let's just try again, see what happens, and figure out the difference:

1) A parachute fell from the sky.

(Here's a thought: this invites/permits don't know why, walk on by, pigs may fly, much too high, cast a die, fish to fry, what a guy, wouldn't lie, me oh my, etc. How many things rhyme with bucket, anyway?)