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Actually, you shouldn't need to avoid posting site references even if you do get long names sometimes.

As with so much on the computer, whatever you need, somebody's probably already done it for you.

I found this site by looking up "short url" (click here) so you should only need one Post-it note, with this address on it.

(Assuming nothing -- forgive me if it's unnecessary -- " http://www.shorturl.com ", the name of the site, is a "URL", which stands for "Universal Resource Locator". This one happens to be relatively short.)

Then you just do what it says there, a one-step operation involving some cutting-and-pasting.

Give it a try, before you decide you must limit yourself.

I'm sorry for using this site for all my woes, but what
is this site for? Do I type something into it, before
posting a site, or something like that???



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