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And Luke - Jackie posted this back on the now-obsolete "Anagrams IV" thread but in case you didn't get there (because it is obsolete) I'm re-presenting it here. It's detailed instructions on how to make a long link shorter, so it doesn't broaden the display into grouchy overlengthiness:

First--don't use the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the page--this used to work for me when I'd hit Switch to Full Reply Screen, but now all I get is a completely white page with nothing on it at all. So--

1.) Copy (Ctrl + C) the address of the link you want to post.

2.) Hit the Reply button at the bottom of the post.

3.) In the bar above the text-typing box, click on the second-from-the-left icon--the thing that resembles a globe. This will bring up a tiny Script Prompt box*.

4.) Paste (Ctrl + V) the address into the little bar that will have http:// in it--you won't have to get rid of that first, I don't think.

5.) Click OK. The next part is what took me a long time and many instructions from Jo to get, although you can see that all I had to do was read the darned thing:

6.) The little white bar will go blank--not to worry, it has saved your URL. Into this, type some appropriate word(s)--the instructions on the box itself tell you to enter the title of the web page you're linking to.

7.) Click OK again. The link will appear in your text box where you left your cursor. In this box you will see a bunch of "extra" stuff--it will not show in your post: just your title word(s) will.

It is a good idea to Preview: this allows you to click on your title word and see if your linked page will come up or not.

If you need more details, holler.

*My computer's security won't let me simply put in a link or an image without opening this yellow bar asking me if I'm sure I want to do it. I just click on it then click the yes option.

I would need to print all that out and post it on post
it notes and take it one step at a time. I'll just
refrain from posting sites. I can't get all this down.
Too much technology for me. I appreciate it Jackie, but
I am still working on the other stuff you've sent over the
last few months, and not getting very far.

----please, draw me a sheep----