80 deg ! Horrors! That's 30 over the maximum comfort level. Forty is better, thirty better still. Thirty's getting down to jacket weather. (50F = 10C; 30F = -1.1C)

bexter, just for fun I googled 'cutlery worship', and found these among other listings (I wasn't about to go to either site, I can tell you!):

der of the Spoon | Facebook Thou can worship to any sort of Spoon, they all lead to the one true spoon. Any prayer counts. No false idols- that means other cutlery ...
www.facebook.com/group.php?gi - Cached

False Idols - Baedon's Curious Web Jan 5, 2011 ... Cutlery Sales Person(s): We have been informed of another evil which threatens all who worship The Almighty Spork. ...

I deleted part of the F-book address, since in my preview it looked like it might be clickable.