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Hi! I am new here. I am a fluent speaker of Esperanto despite the fact that I have two mother languages ...

... but I feel as hurt by some of the things people say about "my" language as they would if I were to make fun of their language.

Dr Robb, the posts you are referring to are eight years old. Check out the posted date on the right of the post-box. No point in being hurt eight years later.

That said...

You can love your language but denying its origins is not honouring it. It is a recently constructed (in the late 1800s), deliberately-planned language. It did not evolve, it was carefully crafted. The fact that it is now evolving does not make it any less artificial in origin.

The fact that it was crafted does not demean the humanitarian reason for its creation though, i.e., better communication might lead to better getting along.

Revel in it, champion the cause – getting along is a good cause – but don’t get on a soapbox with the wrong history, people will only discount you for it. Instead, honour the root of the language for what it was meant, a tool of better understanding and peace.

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