The Concept:
Onamography is an innovative puzzle concept that creatively incorporates proper nouns (celebrity names, company names etc) in regular English sentences. It was launched in a leading Australian newspaper. Check out the website ( for the FAQ and samples to get a better idea of the concept.

For the Onamography website, we are now accepting short paragraphs (we call them 'onnicles') from creative writers. You don't need to be a professional puzzle designer. We are looking for warped brains with a good control over the English language and a sense of humor.

Before you submit an onnicle, contact us and let us know what theme you'd like to work on. If we've already received too many submissions for a particular theme or we are looking for something specific, we'll let you know.

We can't offer money for your efforts. But we can include your name with a URL on the website next to the published onnicle. With a growing fan-base for the concept, this is a good opportunity for creative folks to demonstrate their skill, their wit and their potential. And of course, the mental workout that you'll get in the creative process will be a bonus.

Before attempting bigger challenges, if you want to polish your skills, here's a thread where we're having fun. Join in.

If creating puzzles isn't your cup of tea, you can still show support for the concept by becoming a fan on Facebook.

We are a small team hoping to build support for the initiative. So any ideas, feedback or a pat on the back would be appreciated. Please use this thread to let us know what you think about the concept or contact us on this ID (onnicles at gmail dot com).


The Onamography Team

P.S. Thanks, Anu, for allowing us to use this platform to garner support.