Onamography is a new language-based puzzle concept that made its debut in a top-selling Australian newspaper. It's a writing style that creatively incorporates Proper Nouns (company names, celebrities etc) in regular English sentences.

Here's a sentence (it's called an onnicle) to illustrate the concept:
Gargling is the best utility for an untrained throat.

It's got the names Anu and Stuti Garg (AWAD's first family) embedded in it.

Anu --> an untrained
Stuti --> best utility
Garg --> Gargling

Solving and creating onnicles requires a combination of creativity, pattern recognition skills, wit, language skills and general knowledge.

Here's another one for you to solve:
Onnicle: The man at the bar acknowledged that he found the job amateurish.
OnniClue: Top post

When you solve an onnicle, don't just stop there. Keep the thread going by creating another onnicle with some other personality's name in it.

Anyone willing to start the party?


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