The German poem is tedious. I can read German well enough to know it sounds like something an angst-ridden "death-metal" rock band would write. It's no wonder we use the German word, Angst. They seem to have invented the emotion.

Limericks certainly do have a certain predictability, don't they? Nonetheless, I see them as happy haiku, in that they are short, require severe editing and a dollop of creativity to comply with the requisite structure. Also, like haiku, they are doggerel 99 percent of the time (particularly mine.) As with any literary form, however, there are those rare flares of brilliance, and this is (currently) my chosen form.

Nobody need stick to the rules; the rules of this thread make no mention of limericks, in fact. With that said, I think that if we submit sentences instead of limericks, there should be some constraints in addition to using the two challenge words. That's far too easy. We could specify a target number of words and/or syllables, for example. Or require a certain degree of alliteration to earn big points, since the words almost always start with the same letter. Just some thoughts to keep people engaged.

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