The folks on the "poetry thread" are regaling themselves with Whitman, Yeats, and other writers of flowers and pretty scenery. (My taste in poetry leans toward cummings and Bukowski, which would probably not be appreciated there.)

I bring this up because a few recent posts have sneered a bit at limericks (I actually think the "Anti-Limerick" that was posted is great.) So here's how a limerick might respond, late on St. Pattie's Day, in classic limerick style. It's offered in good humor, but not good taste, so don't read it unless you're ok with four-letter words and anatomically-unlikely suggestions.

WARNING: Foul language and (affected) bad attitude:

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So, us limericks don't have no class?
You "poets" think us guys is crass?
Take your "O's" and your "canst's,"
Stuff them all down your pants;
And that German crap, stuff up your ass.

(Somebody's going to hate me for this.)

"I don't know which is worse: ignorance or apathy. And, frankly, I don't care." - Anonymous