First of all, gotta be pedantic here and point out that the plural of Lego is....Lego. Not "Legos". It is a collective conceptual noun, a brandname for a type of toy. In the same way that one does not use "Scrabbles" for a series of Scrabble games or a collection of Scrabble letter tiles. But sure, one can say "Lego bricks" or "Lego pieces" if one wants to convey the sense of plurality, which is what I think Anu was trying to do.

Anyway, I rose to this week's fascinating challenge and instantly came up with this word: "Theopoly - the selling of God". A very prevalant practice around the world, particulary in the environs of religious shrines, and on American TV.

But imagine my chagrin when I then googled theopoly, only to find that the word was already out there! But with a different meaning: it's been proposed as a religious spoof of the Monopoly game.