"Thank you zmjezhd.
This is the best short simple explanation I have seen and I have it tucked away ...."

I totally agree with Zed that zm's instruction was one of the simplest and most straightforward instructions and as an utter tyro I also have duly tucked it away for handy access

" I am not unintelligent but I don't think like computers or computer programmers so things that others find simple on computers I often find very difficult. Crafts such as stained glass or beadwork I catch onto very quickly...."

I'm an inventor and (at least used to consider myself) a writer, crack shot with .22 revolver, and passable critic of hundreds of imported and domestic brews, but when it comes to distinguishing a hot crawling url hyperlink from a cold source target anchor, I am at a total loss

Yet from time to time after posting what I consider the most innocent response I am mercilessly attacked from all quarters, eventually becoming a sort of pariah among the notables

I have to admit however that my feeble attempts at humor are often in many quarters interpreted as facetious and so I appeal to all for forgiveness and once again resolve at the advent of the NY to mend my ways

Incidentally on the positive side since I am so often blessed with afterthoughts , my sincere gratitude for the AWAD facility to forgo the "Mark as edited"

Thank you for AWAD

Yet where is everyone else, and why