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Perhaps there is a misunderstanding of some sort, where you and I, through no fault of your own, don't mean exactly the same things by "url" and "link"

You really shouldn't try to use the InterWeb, dahil. It's arcane protocols and quotidian mungings are beyond your ken.

[ url= link ] title [ /url ]

The text in red are keywords and stay as they are written. The text in Green get replaced by the URL, link, or resource locator. The text in blue is the text of the hyperlink itself. For example:

[ url= http://www.example.com/rtfm.html ] Something short and pithy. [ /url ]

With all the spaces removed between square brackets and keywords, etc.

Something short and pithy.

Not that this will help ...

Thank you zmjezhd.
This is the best short simple explanation I have seen and I have it tucked away for the next time I do this. I have often told my students that any instructions they put up for other professions on positioning patients etc should be just detailed enough to insult their intelligence. That way you don't leave out any steps that are automatic to you and not to others.
I am not unintelligent but I don't think like computers or computer programmers so things that others find simple on computers I often find very difficult. Crafts such as stained glass or beadwork I catch onto very quickly; the process sometimes seems so obvious that I wonder why others would need to ask questions. On the other hand I have learned not to ask questions about "simple" computer tasks because I can seldom understand the answers.
E.g. on another board I spent days - well evenings trying to change my avatar. Several people told me how easy it was and gave me careful step by step instructions that didn't work. Eventually one very nice person figured out that (so ridiculously obvious to everyone else that they never thought to say it) I needed to make the picture into a thumbnail (very small picture) first and did so and posted it for me. It will need to be my avatar forever because I have no idea how to make a picture into a thumbnail.
If anyone insists on explaining this presumably incredibly simple process to me PLEASE do so by PM so that a) others are not subjected to a conversation like the above and b) when it doesn't work I don't look quite so foolish in public.

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ta dah!

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